Instruction Manual

This is a brief guide to using our website. Here you can find short explanations on the few steps you need to follow to successfully purchase any of our products.

For a video-tutorial, click here.

1. Select a product

Read the product description carefully before deciding on a particular product. Each product is described in detail and you will find the descriptions on the right side of the product image, or below the image in the Description section.

2. Put the product in the shopping cart

Once you have decided on a particular product, click the Add To Cart button.

3. After step 2, you will notice that in the upper right corner of the website, the Cart button will indicate that you have 1 (or more) products in the shopping cart, and the number indicates the total amount to be paid.


Clicking on the blue Shopping Cart button will take you to a page called Shopping Cart. Here you have once again a review of the products you previously put in your cart. To continue paying, click on the Proceed to Checkout orange button.

5. Payment and checkout information

After clicking the Proceed to checkout button we will ask you for the following information:

  • first name
  • last name
  • country
  • telephone number (optional)
  • email address

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields that you must complete if you wish to continue with the purchase process.
Fill in the blank fields you see in the picture below:

6. Acceptance of privacy policy and order confirmation

Check the privacy policy acceptance box at to continue with the payment process.
You can read the privacy policy here.

Click on the Place order button to link you to the payment system.

7. Payment

The new page asks you to enter the data on your card: first and last name, card number, expiration date and CVV2 / CVC2 number on the back of the card and consists of three digits (example : 123)

Note: The data you enter must be in Latinic alphabet and be the same as your payment card!

After you fill in the blank fields, click on the first button from the left ПОТВРДИ in order to confirm the payment.

The first empty field is the number of your card.
The second field is the name of the card holder.
The third field are the month and year of expiry.
The fourth field is the CVV 3-digit number.


Your product will become available for download as soon as the payment process is complete. Click the orange button with the name of the file you purchased to download to your device.