PISI: Our Mission

  • PISI – Education Center
    Educational centre specializing in non-formal, parallel, preparatory, supplementary learning and home-learning substitution. We offer education to students from elementary, secondary, schools, undergraduate students and education of adults.
  • Preparation of e-materials from different subjects:
  • For exit exam preparation: MATURA,
  • For ADULTS


  • MATHEMATICS (3,4,5,6,7,8,9 grade, 1,2,3,4 high school, graduation exams, college)
  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE (4,5,6,7,8,9 of 1,2 intermediate)
  • GERMAN LANGUAGE (6,7,8,9th grade)
  • PROGRAMMING (1,2,3,4 secondary school, university level)
  • MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE (graduation exams, primary, secondary, foreigners)
  • LINEAR ALGEBRA AND ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY (3rd year high school, university level)
  • ANALYSIS (4th year secondary school, university level)

Testing of gained knowledge (with specialized tests): by subject, by subject unit, monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annually, … (on paper, on the computer, individually and in groups) for the subjects:

Mathematics, English Language, Macedonian Language, Informatics and coding

Adult Education:

  • English language (A, B, C level, …),
  • German language (A, B, C level, …),
  • Macedonian language (for foreigners, graduation exams, …),
  • Computer skills (Application usage, … Certification, …),
  • Certification preparation and certification for computer skills,
  • Preparations for internationally recognised certificates in English and German

Also, PISI education centre has supervised the creation and authored several editions of textbooks, collections of tests and exams for high school exit exams, high school students or for 1 year of University students:

1. Mathematics for high school graduates (Test-Book collection)
2. Macedonian Language for Graduates (Test-Book)
3. Physics for 1,2,3,4 year high school, high school and 1 year faculty (test-book collection)
4. јазик programming language for 1st year faculty (A collection of tasks and problems)
5. C++ programming language for 1st year faculty (A collection of tasks and problems)
6. High School Biology (Test-Book for high school exit exams)
7. High School Chemistry (Test-Book for high school exit exams)

You can find all of these text-books in our online shop.

PISI – an educational centre, has been active in the field of preparatory education for over 25 years, founded with the idea of ​​providing learning aid. It has grown and proven to be a leader in this part of Europe in preparatory and non-formal education through classroom teaching.
Winner of the 2007 Clement of Ohrid Prize for results achieved in the field of non-formal and preparatory education.

www.matematika.mk         /   www.математика.мкд
www.makedonski.mk        /    www.македонски.мкд
www.angliski.mk               /    www.англиски.мкд